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About this DNSBL
The block list at WebEquipped.com contains the IP addresses of hosts that the maintainers and their private parties do not wish to receive email from. You may use this DNSBL for your private purposes without guarantee of any kind. Any address may be added and removed from the list at any time, depending on judgment of its maintainers. If you decide to use our DNSBL and you like it, please subscribe to our newsletter. Doing so will allow us to make a reasonable attempt to inform you of any upcoming changes.

What is a DNSBL and how does it work?
DNSBL (Domain Name Service Block List) is a "black list" of IP addresses including whole networks. This black list does not block email it blocks email servers. For example: Persons using an email client like Outlook to send email deliver it to a server on which thier account exists. That mail server authenticates that persions account information and on behalf of that person delivers the email to the destination address(es). If that mail server is black listed then the email gets rejected and sent back to the sender with the error information.
 Access to our black list is publicly available via DNS Query. A mail server that uses a DNSBL will check the presence of an IP in the list by looking up an 'IN A' record of an entry in that zone. A mail server that uses a DNSBL takes the IP address of the sender and reverses the octets that make up the IP address (example IP: and appends it to the zones name. In the case of those mail servers using our DNSBL it would look like this: If the mail server receives a reply of then that IP ( has been black listed. Then it is up to that mail server as to how to handle the email. More detailed explanation about reverse DNS can be found at DNSStuff.com.

How do addresses get listed?
The decision of blocking any email from a mail server is up to recipient of the email. If we are the recipient in this case, then there are several ways in which we determine if an IP should be listed. For security reasons we will not divulge all of the methods we use, but here are some of the classic ways in which our systems determine spam from legitimate email.

1.  We use one or more publicly available DNSBL, URIBL and/or SURBL services on the internet to confirm delivery legitimacy.
2.  Connecting to one of our mail servers and attempting to deliver email to multiple accounts that do not exist for the given domain.
3.  Keywords: you know the explicit sex related type or pill pushing trash.
4.  We also use several modified statistical methods to determine if an email fits the profile of spam. It is compared against various types of spam that we have cataloged over long periods of time.

How can I remove my address from the listing?
If you're the administrator of a blocked server, and you would like us remove your IP(s) Your only option is to complete the following agreement and submit it. We will then consider the removal of your IP address(es) from our list.

Can I add an address of a spammer to the DNSBL at WebEquipped.com?
You can't! We do not add any addresses unless they are a problem to our servers. You can however, become a supporting member and thus be given the ability to help maintain our DNSBL.

How can you help fight spam? Here is a list of sites we recommend you visit.
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